Product FAQ

What songs come with the product?

There are 34 interactive songs included with the Beamz by Flo product; you’re started off with fourteen original Beamz songs plus twenty more interactive songs inspired by chart-topping artists, including signature songs from hip hop/pop artist Flo Rida.

Beamz interactive songs are not limited to just one music style or genre and include pop, rock, country, hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical…so you may play whatever music moves you.

Included interactive songs inspired by chart-topping artists include:

  • Billie Jean-Jam – Michael Jackson
  • Clocks-Jam – Coldplay
  • Country Girl (Shake It For Me)-Jam – Luke Bryan
  • Crazy In Love-Jam – Beyoncé
  • Firework-Jam – Katy Perry
  • Funkytown-Jam – Lipps Inc.
  • Just Dance-Jam – Lady Gaga
  • Last Name-Jam – Carrie Underwood
  • Raise Your Glass-Jam – Pink
  • Rock Your Body-Jam – Justin Timberlake
  • Rolling In The Deep-Jam – Adele
  • SOS-Jam – Rihanna
  • Super Freak-Jam – Rick James
  • Superstition-Jam – Stevie Wonder
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Jam – Taylor Swift
  • Without You-Jam – David Guetta
  • You Shook Me All Night Long-Jam – AC/DC
  • Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
  • Laser Light Show-video – Flo Rida
  • Whistle-video – Flo Rida

How does it work? What is interactive music?

Beamz is an interactive music product that enables anyone to make music by moving your hands through laser beams with pre-programmed songs. Each interactive song has a background rhythm track which you start by pressing the play button on the Beamz controller; then each laser beam is setup to be a different instrument or sound effect. As you move your hand through a laser beam, you’re adding that instrument into the playback of the song. The Beamz controller lights up 4 red laser beams, and each song has up to 12 different instruments for you to add into the playback of the song so there’s lots of options for you to get creative making the music. The center button is a SWAP button for you to switch over to other instruments while you’re playing a song.
Beamz also includes a recording feature so you can capture your remixes to playback for yourself or to share with your friends.

What is an interactive song? How are interactive songs different from songs purchased from iTunes or other digital download stores?

Interactive songs are made for you to experience music making and to alter the direction of an interactive song by your creative choices, whereas traditional music is published for you to enjoy just by listening or dancing to it. Making music with the Beamz is a dynamic, creative experience that enables anyone to make great sounding music. It’s also a social activity that enables musicians and non-musicians to have fun making music together.

Is the Beamz application like Apple’s Garage Band? How is it different?

If you’re familiar with Garage Band, think of Beamz as Garage Band in reverse without the time consuming music production work. With a Beamz interactive song the background track is already built and setup with 12 different instruments, effects and/or vocal pre-programmed clips that are tailored to match with a specific interactive song are ready for you to play.

How do I get more songs?

It’s easy. If you’re using the Beamz with an iPad, iPhone or MAC computer, you may purchase additional songs within the application itself – click on Settings, then select Buy More Songs to see a list of individual songs and song bundles available. Bundles are the best value, providing discounts up to 50% off vs. purchasing additional individual songs.

If you are using the Beamz with a Windows computer, then visit to purchase additional songs. When you purchase songs from this site you’ll get download links for installers that will add the song you’ve purchased into your Beamz music library.

Is the Beamz application like a DJ application?

It’s a different music making experience; Beamz interactive songs are published with an array of instruments for you to add into the playback of a rhythm track, whereas DJ applications provide functions and controls to “mix” the playback of songs in a specific way.

Is there a DJ application to use with the Beamz?

Yes. Virtual DJ has created a tailored version of their award winning DJ software with preset controls and commands so that it’s easy to get started using their feature rich DJ software with the Beamz as the controller. It’s great fun and easy to get started mixing music using laser beams with the Beamz controller.

How does Beamz connect to my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch?

The Beamz by Flo product includes a Bluetooth adapter, which is attached to the Beamz controller at our factory. First connect the Beamz to a power source by using the USB cable that came in the Beamz package with the wall adapter you use to power your Apple product. Then turn on Bluetooth in the settings on your Apple device; the Beamz controller logo will flicker as a connection is established and will display a solid red when ready to play.

What instruments are included to play on the Beamz?

Throughout the Beamz interactive songs are there hundreds of different instruments and sound effects for you to play. The instruments vary each in song so that each beam complements the background rhythm track specific to each interactive song. Guitars, bass, drums, trumpets, trombones, flutes, techno effects….plenty of variety for you to get creative with in your Beamz performances.

Can I record what I play?

With a touch of a button you can start recording your remixes and performances, which are auto saved. To listen to your creations, click the Recordings button in the Beamz application – then share your favorites with your friends to show off your music masterpieces.

Are the laser beams safe?

Yes. The Beamz controller uses red class 2 laser beams, which are not harmful to your eyes or to touch. Just like any other products that use low level laser beams, it is never recommended to look directly and/or to stare into a laser beam source.

I’m not sure what to do. Are there instructions how to play Beamz?

Beamz is not setup like a game and there is no music score to follow. It’s open ended and there’s no “wrong” way to play Beamz; it’s setup for everyone to have fun making music, regardless of experience with traditional instruments.

What is MIDI?

MIDI is a standard for computing products to playback music. To use Beamz as a MIDI laser controller, move the switch on the rear panel of the Beamz from the HID position to MIDI. For more information about Beamz & MIDI, visit

What’s new with the latest Beamz controller vs. the previous models?

Previous models were only able to run on PC computers. With the latest Beamz model it may be used with PCs, MAC and iOS devices. The controller was also redesigned in a way that allows the company to offer affordable travel case options, plus the ability to consumers to adjust the laser beams with a screwdriver if they are ever get out of alignment.