How it Works

Get Kids Excited About
Creating Music

Making music with Beamz is fun and easy.

Simply move your hands through the four laser beams to engage the pre-programmed and interactive songs.

The Beamz library has thousands of songs, hundreds of instruments and endless possibilities. No matter the music style you like, you’ll sound great the first time and every time you play.

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What Parents Love

Developing that spark of interest in music when children are young is the best way to develop a life-long passion for music, foster creativity and build self-confidence.

Beamz has a wide variety of music genres, instruments and popular songs that kids already know. The variety helps kids get and stay interested in making music.

As your child grows in their creativity playing Beamz, you’ll smile as you notice a sophisticated interplay between instruments, rhythms and composition. As your child develops skill, their Beamz experience will evolve as they make rich sounding, complex interactive music.

kids making music
children music learning

What Kids Love

Kids naturally love music. Their joy in dancing to and singing along with music is infectious. But beginning with only traditional instruments can be intimidating for young children who want to be able to make a world full of sounds.

Beamz delivers an expanded way to experience, interact and immerse kids in music. Kids can use hundreds of rich sounding musical instruments over a wide range of genres to broaden their musical horizons and develop a passion to master traditional instruments as well.

What’s Included in Beamz

  • The Beamz Music Library is full of fun! Pop, Disney, country, R&B, classical, jazz and more. No matter what your kids’ favorites are, they’ll find them in the Beamz library.
  • The software that powers Beamz is easy to install into your PC or to download onto your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It’s intuitive and simple to use.
  • The laser controller, our favorite part, plugs into any computer with its universal USB cable and uses bluetooth to light up the lasers to use with your iPhone or iPad. From four years old to 104, everyone enjoys getting into the groove simply by moving their hands!

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