How it Works

Have Fun Making Music Together

Making music with Beamz is fun and easy. Anyone can make great sounding music with just their first try so it keeps them coming back for more.

By moving your hands through the four laser beams, you will build a song with a variety of instruments and melodies.

The Beamz library has thousands of songs, hundreds of instruments and endless possibilities. No matter the music style you like, you’ll sound great the first time
and every time you play.

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What Parents Love

Playing music brings the family together because everyone can contribute. By working as a team, family members can create melodies that are fun and energizing, making everyone young and old part of the sound.

Whether you’re a family of music afficiandos, pianists, guitarists, violinists or vocalists, Beamz can take your family jam session to the next level. Beamz can add in the beats, background and any additional instruments you’d like in the mix.

Creating music together will be fun and sound amazing!

laser musical instrument
laser beam music

What Kids Love

Kids can experience the thrill of creating music from today’s best-known artists and songs along with their family.

Kids can share the songs they create with friends by recording the music they make. Or better yet, invite their friends to create more songs by bringing their instruments and ideas into the mix.

Creativity keeps growing with Beamz!

What’s Included in Beamz

  • The Beamz Music Library is amazing! Pop, rock, country, R&B, classical, jazz and more. We’ve got all of your family’s favorites from yesterday’s crooners to today’s Top 40 hits.
  • The software that powers Beamz is easy to install into your PC or to download onto your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It’s intuitive and simple to use.
  • The laser controller, our favorite part, plugs into any computer with its universal USB cable and uses bluetooth to light up the lasers to use with your iPhone or iPad. Everyone enjoys creating their own unique sound and songs simply by moving their hands!

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