How it Works

Make The Music Happen

Be the band or the DJ…it’s up to you.

Making music with Beamz combined with Virtual DJ is fun and easy, providing two extraordinary creative music making experiences into one product for anyone to move beyond just listening to music and making it happen.

With Beamz interactive songs you’ll become the band and command the creative direction of song performances using the laser beams to orchestrate when instruments and effects are played into pre-programmed rhythm tracks.

Want to be the DJ? Use Beamz with award winning Virtual DJ LE application for your PC or MAC and use the laser beams player to easily remix music from YOUR music library. You can then use Beamz with ANY song. Get DJ mixing equipment now and become a Beamz DJ.

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Expert Sound in No Time

Throughout the Beamz library there are hundreds of instruments and endless possibilities. By experimenting and recording you can discover which instruments, beats and melodies create a sound that’s uniquely you.

Getting started remixing music doesn’t require a complicated DJ hardware and complex software; the award winning Virtual DJ for Beamz is easy for to get started and to build your skills with a series of tutorials. And in no time you’ll be pulling your family and friends into playing with you at parties.

beamz dj music mixer
laser music player

It’s a Midi Controller, Too

Want to do more? Beamz is a MIDI laser controller – so you can use with any music production, DJ or performance application by assigning the laser beams and buttons for any MIDI command. There’s hundreds of MIDI applications available to get even more creative making music as your skills progress. Beamz is compatible for use with the best selling applications, including Ableton Live, Reason and Sony software.

What’s Included In The Beamz & Virtual DJ Combination

  • The Beamz MIDI laser controller, enabling anyone to make music by moving their hands through laser beams!
  • The Beamz App for PC/MAC/iOS devices with 34 interactive songs using hundreds of instruments to experience and experiment with through a wide range of music genres.
  • The award winning Virtual DJ software for PC/MAC with a tailored “skin” to use with the Beamz controller.

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