About Us

Don’t just listen to music, make it!

About the products

We passionately believe that interactive experiences with music can enrich the lives of people of any age or physical ability. The musician and songwriter Jerry Riopelle originally founded Beamz. Jerry’s vision was to cultivate a love of music by bringing the creativity of music making to everyone via products that enabled anyone to make music by “playing light”.

The company Beamz Interactive accomplished this vision through its sophisticated, yet simple to use, laser beam controllers combined with the innovation of structuring interactive music, which enables anyone to make great sounding music with a minimal learning curve. While our technology has evolved, we’re still operating steadfastly under the mission set forth by our founder.

We’re continually making new music, adapting our technology for broader use in education and healthcare, and above all, encouraging everyone to experience the fun and joy of making music.

About the company

Beamz Interactive, Inc. (OTCQB: BZIC) is an emerging public company that aims to be the leading developer and marketer of revolutionary interactive music and laser controller products in several multi-billion dollar markets, including music, education, healthcare and consumer applications.

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Beamz is deploying its proprietary interactive music technology through a diverse product offering that can bring music to literally everyone in a way that was previously not possible. Beamz allows people that have no musical background or training to play and enjoy music within minutes, yet it has the depth to enable accomplished artists and musicians to perform, compose and create highly sophisticated interactive music.

Beamz Interactive’s technology portfolio includes multiple patents, patents pending and trade secrets covering interactive music, software, laser-based controllers, gaming applications and related designs and devices.