Don't Just Listen To Music... Make It

  • Play hundreds of instruments & sound effects.
  • Record and share your interactive music performances.
  • Play whatever music moves you - pop, rock, country,
    hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical, etc.

Discover The Beamz
What does it do? How does it work?

…it has got to be the coolest gift ever!…The amount of fun you can have is endless and honestly, it’s quite addicting. Your kids will LOVE you if you do!

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Discover The Beamz

Beamz Music Library Overview

Beamz is a unique music experience that includes more than 20 interactive songs inspired by some of the world's greatest artists:

Flo Rida
Taylor Swift
Michael Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Lady Gaga
Carrie Underwood 
and many more. 

Beamz by Flo also offers an a DJ upgrade option to use Beamz with your own music.

See How It Works

Make music by moving your hands through laser beams with Beamz pre-programmed interactive songs. The Beamz controller lights up 4 red laser beams, and each interactive song has up to 12 different instruments for you to add into the playback of that song - so there's lots of options for you to get creative. You can also record and capture your remixes to playback for yourself or to share with your friends.

Throughout the Beamz song library there are hundreds of rich sounding musical instruments over a wide range of genres, so you can rock out to today's hottest pop or tap into your inner concerto to play whatever music moves you. It's easy, fun and with the Beamz technology and interactive music library, you'll sound great the first time and every time you play.

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beamz by flo ipad app

Beamz by Flo App

An interactive music application that allows you to experience making music and getting creative with music unlike any other music application.



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"With my Beamz by Flo, you don't just

listen to music... you make it!"